Siltech is well trained, powerful, cyber Warriors and IT professionals.
Use Siltech Professional Services to deliver "High End" solutions to your clients.


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Our mission is to supply high quality solutions for each requirement for the best leverage. We provide and deliver individualized solutions and services which meet your requirements.

Professional services

Our team made up of business, technology and industry experts who apply advanced technology who assist you to design, build and run your businesses.

Business continuity
to the cloud

All data is valuable for businesses. It’s a treasure trove of information. SCIB is a turnkey, self-service solution, lets you protect your critical workloads by instantly recovering critical IT systems, applications, and data utilizing the cloud infrastructure.

Big data

World's Fastest Parallel File System for AI and Technical Compute. We accelerate intelligence by making sure the most demanding workloads never have to wait for data, so you get to the answers faster.


The sky is not the limit;
it’s just a view.

IoT network security

Cyber experts

Our white hat hackers share years of professional experience and maturity in the art of cyber security and trained as "Special Forces."





We specializes in wide vision thinking out of the box integrated solutions. Siltech has a proven technical worldwide leaders hackers and network solution experts. please note that we have built our famous reputation of extensive experience in years of excellent service, personal attention, and comprehensive knowledge! 

please refer to our wide variety of clients for recommendations.

Our capabilities in the field of implementation and sale of highly diverse solutions include:

Data System Management ,System Communication, computing infrastructure, big data storage, help desk support, hosting, virtualization, cyber security, Mail and servers hosting in our cloud, cloud migration and other solutions (Office365/Google apps/Azure).

We are certified by the best manufacturers, business partners and managed to the best knowledge required for products and services we offer. If you have the ability to install / implement independent, we can assist in monitoring and guidance.  

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